PRODUCTS         (click to watch the catalog)

                                        Process analyzers
                                            PH, ORP analyzer 
                                            Conductivityanalyzer, resistivity analyzer 
                                            Resistivity analyzer for pure water
                                            Electromagnetic conductivity analyzers
                                            Dissolved oxyen analyzers, Oxygen analyzers 
                                            Miscellaneous process  analyzers


                                        Analyzers for oil refinery

                                        Water quality analyzers
                                            Environmental water quality analyzers
                                            Analyzers for water works and sewerage


                                        Air pollution analyzers

                                        Flug gas analyzer

                                       Laboratory and portable analyzers
                                            Handy serise(PH, DO, CONDUCTIVITY, R.CHLORINE METER) 
                                            L serise(PH, PH ion, CONDUCTIVITY, DO METER) 
                                            Chromatographic equipments
                                            Miscellaneous laboratory analyzers and related equipments


                                        Monitors for health and safety